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An electronic book can be sent to someone at a moment’s notice. One thing that makes E-books so popular as well as easy products to sell on the internet is the fact that they are instant information. Much of the information contained in an E-book can be found if searched for hours on the internet. But who has the time to search?


People want instant information. This is where the E-book can be a money maker for you. It is not usually a fiction book but a how-to, self-help or informational book. Someone who has just gotten a divorce after a lengthy marriage might benefit from a book that teaches them to bounce back and move on.


They might really need a book like this but not want to go to the store. When they find the information that they want online, they are more inclined to order an E-book because they can get the information NOW.


Who pays for instant information? People who are looking for solutions right away do it all the time.


Consider spending an entire afternoon searching for information about a particular subject on the internet. After picking up bits and pieces, taking you tons of time to research, you still don’t have the answers you are looking for.


Now imagine having all of that information at your fingertips instantly. How much would you be willing to spend for that convenience?


Chances are, if you are like most people you’d pay more than if you bought the book at a bookstore.


An E-book is impulse, offering instant gratification for the price of the book. It should be filled with information that is useful and informative, not fluff or dull prose.


No matter how informative your E-book is, this is a business that depends on marketing more than anything else. You have to create “buzz” to generate publicity about your product.



The E-book is vital to the business of dominating the web. If you have a hot title, you can create your own buzz about your E-book and make it into somewhat of a phenomenon.


This is not anything new, although it may be new to you. I will use the example of the bouncing back after a divorce book in this E-book example that will teach you how to dominate the web.


I’ll give you step by step examples of exactly how to use the E-book to dominate the web and what marketing strategies will work for you.

Although good marketing strategies are crucial to the sales of your E-book and dominating the web, you don’t want to dominate the web with a book that is not any good.


Most E-books come with a “money back guarantee.” This gives the customer a sense of security that they are purchasing a product that will actually have some information a person actually wants to buy.


On your first time into the world of publishing E-books, you will not be a well known author. You may be an expert on the topic about which you write, but not well known. And people do not even know if your product is real.


People are hesitant enough about buying something online without a preview and although you will have a preview on your squeeze page, which we will discuss later, that guarantee is a safety net for the customer and an added incentive to buy.


If you give them a book that is well written and informative you will have a satisfied customer. If you give them an E-book that is poorly written and contains virtually no real information and a bunch of adjectives, plan to give out a lot of refunds.


Never underestimate the importance of the E-book. You might be able to push junk with marketing skills, but you are certainly not going to have any sort of reputation on the internet.


If you can’t write an E-book, hire a ghostwriter to write it for you. Make sure that he or she understands what you wish to promote in your book and what information you wish to reveal.


One way to further dominate the web is to build on the products described in your E-book with advertising. You have to make sure that it isn’t an advertising manual for a certain product. It should be written from an objective viewpoint.


Once the E-book is complete and up to satisfaction, make sure that it has a title that will attract attention. The title should be specific so that, if someone does a search for the title on the internet, your book comes up in the first two pages in the search engines.


You do not want to have a general title like “Moving On After A Relationship,” because you can bet that there are hundreds of thousands of other articles, books that will come up before your E-book on the search engines. Your book should be more specific such as “15 Ways To Bounce Back After A Bad Divorce.”


Using a number gets you ahead in the search engines. You should never spell out a number, either. If you use a number like 10 or 20 which are very common, you are further down the line in the search engines. Using an odd number will get you more prominence.


You can also create a pen name for yourself that will generate some notice in the search engine. The name should be easy to spell for the average person and not the same as a celebrity. It should also not be a common name such as Smith or Jones, although you do want to have a name that is easy to spell.


Once you have your E-book and title as well as your pen name, you are ready to begin dominating the web with the commotion you are about to make about your product.

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