Basic Photoshop tutorials: how to look like a pro!

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How to use Photoshop like the novice that you are, but still come out looking like a Pro using this basic Photoshop tutorial.


If you are reading this, then you are like me. You want a basic Photoshop tutorial, and hate watching videos of how to do something, with the voiceover going so fast that you have to constantly stop and start the video.



And what’s up with that music? It’s like the last music you’ll hear as you are walking down to the dungeon of death. Who wants to hear that as you are learning how to make that fantastic photoshopped picture of you at your son’s wedding!



A few years ago, I got new passport pictures. They were beautiful. I was surprised that I was so photogenic. The guy behind the counter said the pictures were photoshopped. What did that mean?



I was a middle aged woman who had just recently started using a digital camera. He explained that it was a software that could change images dramatically to whatever the customer wanted. Well, if he could make me look good, then I could make me look even better. Right! So I bought a copy of that fabulous software.


No one told me how difficult it was to use.  I needed an easy Photoshop tutorial, but couldn’t find one. I played with it for a few weeks trying to learn the basics and then, bye, bye. Never to be used again.



Until last year, my son gave me his MacBook Air, which had Adobe Photoshop CS6 and a bunch of other Adobe software on it.



Jackpot! Now I can use this program on a MacBook and it should be easier, since the Mac is supposed to be easier to use than Windows based computers.


Not so fast. It is even more complicated on a Mac. Things have been added, and the Mac is reverse engineered. It’s like driving in the UK versus driving in the US. Everything is on the other side.


Well, after many attempts to learn and use the basic functions, which I really don’t think exists – it is an advanced beast, I recorded every step to make this pretty cool Photoshop tutorial. If I can do it, then so can you.

Bye, bye.



How to change a photo to a line art picture.

  1. Open a photo (almost all photos will be this size, if not, don’t worry)


  1. Because you want to work on the copy, first make a copy of the photo
    1. Ctrl + J for PC
    2. Command + J for Mac


  1. Click adjust layer icon on bottom of screen

  1. Click Hue saturation
    1. Slide saturation level to -100

  1. Click thumbnail Layer 1
  2. Click Normal
    1. Change to Color Dodge (picture changes to b/w)
  3. Invert picture
    1. Ctrl + I for PC
    2. Command + I for Mac

Your image should look white (don’t worry)

  1. Go to Filter on the toolbar
    1. Click Blur
    2. Click Gaussian Blur
    3. Increase the radius to your liking (look at your picture while doing this)


Your image should look like a pencil drawing and not a photo.


  1. Click adjustment layer icon at bottom of screen
  2. Click Levels
    1. Slide inputs (black, grey, & white tabs under white box) to the right to add density to picture

Since some areas may be too dense (dark), open the brush tool.

  1. Click brush tool

  1. Make brush size large (400 px is good)
    1. Hardness 0%
    2. Opacity 40%


  1. Make sure foreground color is black and background color is white.

  1. Brush areas to lighten.
  2. Most of all, make a composite snapshot
    1. Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E for PC
    2. Command + Shift + Option + E for Mac


  1. Invert foreground and background colors by clicking on the double arrows or Press X on the keyboard.

  1. Also, make the brush size small to medium (50 px is good)
  2. Opacity at 100%
  3. Next, brush over areas you want to clean up on the picture.
  4. Finally, you have now created a line drawing from your photo.

Free training for the unemployed

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If you are currently unemployed FRONTLINE LEARNING is offering courses that will:
  • Keep your skills sharp during your  job search
  • Help you stay motivated and encouraged
  • Provide you with certificates of completion


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These online courses focus on general workplace skills such as selling, customer service and productivity.


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The best strategy to promote your new business

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What’s the best way to promote your business? How can you get your name in front of potential clients when you’re just starting up? What is the best strategy to get the word out about your business in the most affordable way?

The best strategy to promote your new business is to offer FREE NEWSLETTERS .




Showing Merit and Creativity to get that elusive job

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Motivation, drive, and the ability to learn and create something is what are needed to stand out in the business world.


Recognizing that you could be part of something bigger will take you further than your wildest expectations.

Really, folks! Greed is unbecoming. Make your boss feel like he has won something. YOU!


It doesn’t really matter what’s on your biography or CV/resume. The business world is looking for people that want to learn and are independent, excited, and can think outside of the box.

People who are willing to work will have their presence felt immediately.


The concept of unqualified should become a dead concept and forgotten. If you think you can do the job better than anyone else, that’s the only “qualification” you need to apply for any assignment or contract.

Keep that smile in your mind’s eye, pep in your step, and head held high. Your aura will gleam through.


Today’s world is built for go-getters, so go get it!


Get creative and apply for a contract at some mega-company, or start-up, that’s planning on changing the world.


Motivation, creativity and ambition are all you need. Forget where you graduated from (or didn’t) and show the world what you’ve got.


Blogging to success!

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Blogs are easy to create. You can write a blog about anything you want. Start by opening a free account at or Google’s, or any other free blogging sites so that you can get the word out about your product.


With your blog you will write in the first person. Let’s use our previous example, the relationship e-book. Your blog would be about dating after a divorce, or something in that order.


You’d be writing about your experiences getting over a relationship and how hurt you were. To keep the interest going, you’d want to add daily or weekly tidbits to your blog about your pain and suffering. If and when you find happiness during this journey, you’d add that too.


Use keywords to get the blog to become more prominent in the search engines. It’s better to get people to find you from the search engines than to type your site name directly in the address bar.


In order to make money on the internet, or dominate the web, you must get the attention of the search engines. You can’t rely on marketing your product to other bloggers on their sites – they are too busy trying to make a buck also. You need to get noticed by the search engines.

To do this, your keywords must stand out and need to be used throughout your blog. They should be related to the product message.


Divorce, dating, bouncing back, blind dates, bad relationships, over forty dating – use those words in the blog as much as possible, but make sure that the blog makes sense. You should use the keywords about two to three times per 125 words.


To start out blogging, try making your blog only 125 words. Anything longer than that might be passed over if your writing is not clear or interesting. Most people don’t have a long attention span when it comes to reading articles or blogs on the internet.


You’ll have to hook them with what you have to say in the first 125 words to keep their attention. Once you’ve got that, then they may leave a comment or follow through with your call to action, if you have one.


Links to your website should be somewhere in the blog. Unlike article websites, you can post links on your blogs. Posting a link to your landing page or website will direct them to your sales pitch.


Coming up with an angle to get people to keep coming back everyday will generate an interest in you and in your product, your EBook. Giving free “dating tips after divorce”, or other free good advice will validate you as an expert in the field.


You can then use the blogs to further that persona and if people like the free advice, they can then be directed to your website where they’ll be hit with the landing page.


Blogging is easy and you do not have to be a great writer, but your content must be interesting if you want to promote your product in this manner. You can write your blogs on your word processing program and cut and paste them to different blog sites on a daily basis.

What you are trying to accomplish is to get as much interest in your product as possible and generate a lot of traffic to your landing page.


Don’t forget that you can incorporate video into your blogs.


Why waste your time on the internet forwarding jokes or urban legends that have been circulating since forever? You could be using this time to promote your e-book.


The e-book is the easiest thing that you can sell on the internet and once you have a good marketing plan you’ll be on your way to success with your online business.

3 stupid mistakes made by the newly self employed

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I’ve made my share of stupid business mistakes, and I have seen many other business owners make similar mistakes.

These are just a few tips for new business owners or those who  about to be new business owners.


1. Spending too much money-

 Until you have a steady cashflow coming in, don’t spend your precious start-up cash unless it’s absolutely necessary.


2. Going against your intuition –

If you base all your business deals on hard logic and ignore your intuition, most likely you’ll be in for a world of disappointment.


3. Failing to focus on value creation – 

Why does your business exist?  To make a profit, but it also exists to provide some sort of value, both for you and your customers. 

The world doesn’t need more stuff to be sold.  The world does, however, need and want genuine value creation, and that’s where you should direct all of your efforts.

If you like these tips and want more to help you in your new business, please send me an email.
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Prosperity, Passion, Priorities -work at home

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Business owners rock the 3 P’s to success.



Prosperity, Passion, and Priorities

The complete online business builder is ready for you take charge of your future. Do you want prosperity? Have you got passion to build a successful business? Are your priorities in order? Then give your family the business they deserve and take full advantage of a website that WORKS for you!



Turn your knowledge into revenue.


Find your passion! Build your business!

Your hobby can become a money maker for you. Everything that you need to grow an e-business is built-in for you, and is simple to use.

First-time business owners are successful using this product. Build a business where you are in control, following a step-by-step plan and using tools specifically for you.

Bring in the new year and follow your dream to success. If you hate your job, then you need to find what you love.

Start something magical! Do you believe?

Whether you are a work at home Mom or stay on the job Dad, you know that you want something more for yourself and your family.

Like me, your children are your top priority. Flexibility and financial security for the family.

Now is the time to build a profitable online business. Risk Free.


Learn from the pros. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. It is already built.


Find your passion, and make money from it. Read how others are making money online.


5 Ways to Attract Readers to Your Articles

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5 Ways to Attract Readers to Your Articles

Readers are short on time!

Say it with confidence.
Say it with confidence.


So when someone starts reading your article, you have just a few seconds convince him to keep going.

Here’s how-to draw the busy, distracted reader to your writings. These FREE tips will change your life.

  1. Start with a quote.

Imagine starting an article on adultery like this:

“I knew I never should have trusted my best friend,” says Sally Rodgers  of Tyson, Texas.

A quote that surprises readers, lures them with just enough for the imagination to wonder, is one of the best ways to keep them on the page. Be sure not to overuse it, though. Many writers are drawn to rely on it too much.


3 Tips for Small Business Owners Who Hate Administration

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3 Tips for Small Business Owners Who Hate Administration

Remaining organized is crucial to the success of small business owners. It can be difficult, especially if you have very little business expertise. But don’t fret, it is something that can be acquired if you’re willing to get organized and become truly successful.

1.     Workspace organization

The first thing you should consider is how functional is your workspace. Designating a main area to work in and  (more…)