10 free business resources everyone can benefit from. Continued education is available to anyone willing to learn.

This page lists 10 Free Business Resources available, at the time of this posting, that anyone can benefit from.

It is mainly aimed at entrepreneurs, but if you’re an eternal learner like I am, then check out the links.

  1. Forbes says that there are 5 Things You Should Know Before Starting a Business. I say the list should be a lot longer, but it is a start.

  2. If you are really serious about starting and owning a business, then you had better learn as much as you can about bookkeeping and accounting to keep the IRS at bay. Here is a fun site that may make it easier for you to learn the ins and outs of counting those beans. The Bean Counter

  3. Learn how to get the most out of your workforce. Sign up now for Managing People. Class starts Sept 28, 2015 (Disclaimer: the course is currently not running any longer, but there are others that are available)

  4. This list 21 Critical Lessons for Entrepreneurs has 23 lectures with 2 hours of video by Jason Nazar of Docstoc.

  5. Coursera has an excellent course on Launching an Innovative Business. There is a free course and if you want a course certificate stating that you have completed this specialized training, then there is a nominal fee.

  6. Entrepreneurship 101 by EdX has sessions focused on case studies of MIT entrepreneurs. Very interesting!

  7. Another Coursera course on Developing Innovative ideas for New Companies. this is the first step for entrepreneurship.

  8. Are you still struggling to write the century’s greatest novel? Well, this course teaches you to Write What You Know. This is the free version of the Creative Writing course at Open University.

  9. Online Web Design Course An introduction to interaction design is explored in this course. It also offers a free Diploma in Web Design course for beginners and the more advanced web designer.

  10. has a list of free online health courses and classes. They cover all aspects of health education from preventive care to elderly healthcare.