Showing Merit and Creativity to get that elusive job

Motivation, drive, and the ability to learn and create something is what are needed to stand out in the business world. Show merit, creativity, and ambition.

Recognizing that you could be part of something bigger will take you further than your wildest expectations.

Really, folks! Greed is unbecoming. Make your boss feel like he has won something. YOU!

It doesn’t really matter what’s on your biography or CV/resume. The business world is looking for people that want to learn and are independent, excited, and can think outside of the box.

People who are willing to work will have their presence felt immediately.

The concept of unqualified should become a dead concept and forgotten. If you think you can do the job better than anyone else, that’s the only “qualification” you need to apply for any assignment or contract.

Keep that smile in your mind’s eye, pep in your step, and head held high. Your aura will gleam through.

Today’s world is built for go-getters, so go get it!

Get creative and apply for a contract at some mega-company, or start-up, that’s planning on changing the world.

Motivation, merit and creativity, along with ambition are all you need. Forget where you graduated from (or didn’t) and show the world what you’ve got.

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