How to Attract Readers to Your Articles

5 Ways to Attract Readers to Your Articles

Readers are short on time!

When someone starts reading your article you have just a few seconds convince him to keep going.

Say it with confidence.
Say it with confidence.

Learn how to attract readers to your articles. Try these 5 ways to attract readers who are distracted and busy to your writings. These tips will change your life.

  1. Start with a quote.

Imagine starting an article on adultery like this:

“I knew I never should have trusted my best friend,” says Sally Rodgers  of Tyson, Texas.

A quote that surprises readers, lures them with just enough for the imagination to wonder, is one of the best ways to keep them on the page.

Be sure not to overuse it. Many writers are drawn to rely on it too much.

  1. Jump into action.

Don’t hem and haw giving too much background information, boring the reader. Professional writers simply chop off the first paragraph or two and start right in the middle of the action.

For example, say you’re writing about your experience traveling across Europe for the first time, alone, and short of cash.

Instead of explaining what happened to you starting at the beginning of your journey, or describing your love of Europe and backpacking across the Alps, start with yourself being attacked by roving gypsies who steal all of your money and leave you for dead on the side of the road.

  1. Use an astounding statistic.

If you were surprised by a statistic, chances are your readers will be, too.

So, if siblings of twins are ten times smarter than siblings of single kids, or bullying victims are 5 times more likely to excel in school, be sure to put that somewhere in your opening paragraphs.

  1. Find a compelling anecdote.

This is one of the best ways to start an article. Many health magazines start their articles with a personal anecdote as a standard of operation.

An anecdote can come from someone in your target demographic, from yourself, or your family.

Families provide a lot of fodder for most writers, especially if they’re part of the demographic you are targeting.

Ask yourself what kind of anecdote would best explain your topic, and search around on forums for people who are talking about that experience.

  1. Use specific language.

Draw your readers in by using precise language and strong wording that gets your point across. Don’t be vague. Use brand names, give concrete examples, and help the reader get a clear vision of what you are saying in your article.

Keep them reading!

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