What is A Landing Page or Squeeze Page?

In order to get people to buy your book or product, they need a place to go to order it. You can have a website or a web page.


A webpage usually consists of a sales letter only and exists only to make a sale; whether it’s a product or E-book. This will be what is known as your “landing page,” or squeeze page. Your landing page can have its own domain or a sub domain name. You are better off if you can use a domain name without a sub domain, but this is more costly.


A landing page can be something that you get for free. Unlike a full-fledged website, it is only a page with your sales information promoting your E-book.


You can also go the other route, which is more expensive, and get a website. There are advantages to having a website that include being able to place advertising as well as having a more interactive site.


You need to have a domain name anyway so think of one that corresponds with your E-book and also has good keywords. Use a dot com instead of a dot org or any other suffix.


Find the right domain name and register it with a site for less than $10 per year. They may also host your site for a low monthly fee and give you the tools to build the site.


If you want to avoid a monthly fee and get just a page that depicts your sales page and the sales page only, as well as information on how to order your E-book, then make an elegant landing page.


This is where you have a great headline, and  put a photograph of your face with a caption.


You can find a free web page host (and there are many of them) who will allow you to make a page. They may put their own advertising on your page to cut costs, but it shouldn’t detract from your page.


You will not be able to use your domain name, such as www.movingonafterdivorce.com in order to draw customers to your website. You are going to have a sub domain name.


If you want to go right to your landing page, you will have to use www.momshosting/movingonafterdivorce.com your domain name will come after “Mom’s Hosting,” because Mom’s hosting will be hosting other landing pages as well.


The good news about using the landing page is that very few people will be typing in the name of your book in the address bar as people tend to use the search engines, your book name will still show up in the search engines in prominence and it will not cost you much to have to host this page each month.


Also, it very simple to set up a landing page. It can be done by just about anyone with the most basic computer skills.


The bad news about using the sub domain is that if Mom’s Hosting gets a client that has a very bad reputation, it tends to affect all of the clients that she hosts. Chances are, however, that Mom is just interested in generating ad revenue and doesn’t do too much monitoring of her website or the pages she hosts. You also lose a bit of credibility by using a sub domain.

On the landing page, you are going to want to have your exciting sales page. This should be very bold and very attractive to look at.


This page is where you make the offer to get someone to opt-in. It is called an ethical bribe to get people to go ahead and sign up for whatever you are selling on this page.


You should incorporate graphics on the page and a lot of HTML. You don’t need to know a lot of HTML as most sites will give you tools to build the web page using color, graphics and different sized fonts. You want to not only make it attractive, but easy to read.


Hype the E-book as much as you can on the page without overdoing it. Make sure that you use specific keywords relating to your book in the text so that it again can appear in the search engine.


You should have a way for the customer to order the E-book, as well as spell out of for them the different options for payment. You’ll want to provide a PayPal button or some other easy access that will enable them to order the book quickly, making sure that the PayPal button links up to your PayPal account.


You can also use other internet banking sites. The more options you give a person to purchase your product, the better off you are.


You can also send them to a third site with a link to order the book. This can be a site that takes a commission in order to process the orders for you. This can save you some time in having to send the E-books yourself and monitor the orders. You will pay a fee, but the sales and delivery of your E-books will be done automatically and you do not have to worry about anything but collecting the money.

Another way you can facilitate the sales of your book is to use an E-book seller that will make it safe for you to sell your E-book without worrying about people getting the book and sending it to their friends.


Adding security in your E-book, allows it to be only viewed as a sample instead of the full text to prevent E-book thieves. Many of these websites can also offer you a web page as well to promote your E-book, or your landing page.


If you are unsure about distribution or creating your own web page, or are not very technically inclined, you can opt for such a service.


Once you have your E-book ready and your landing page set up, you are open for business and can then use various strategies for dominating the web and creating a buzz about your business.



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