Free training for the unemployed

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If you are currently unemployed FRONTLINE LEARNING is offering courses that will:
  • Keep your skills sharp during your  job search
  • Help you stay motivated and encouraged
  • Provide you with certificates of completion


Sign up here for free training

These online courses focus on general workplace skills such as selling, customer service and productivity.


If you are unemployed, or know someone who is, complete the registration form and signup for these free courses. Click here for Free training for the unemployed

Showing Merit and Creativity to get that elusive job

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Motivation, drive, and the ability to learn and create something is what are needed to stand out in the business world.


Recognizing that you could be part of something bigger will take you further than your wildest expectations.

Really, folks! Greed is unbecoming. Make your boss feel like he has won something. YOU!


It doesn’t really matter what’s on your biography or CV/resume. The business world is looking for people that want to learn and are independent, excited, and can think outside of the box.

People who are willing to work will have their presence felt immediately.


The concept of unqualified should become a dead concept and forgotten. If you think you can do the job better than anyone else, that’s the only “qualification” you need to apply for any assignment or contract.

Keep that smile in your mind’s eye, pep in your step, and head held high. Your aura will gleam through.


Today’s world is built for go-getters, so go get it!


Get creative and apply for a contract at some mega-company, or start-up, that’s planning on changing the world.


Motivation, creativity and ambition are all you need. Forget where you graduated from (or didn’t) and show the world what you’ve got.


Is Entrepreneurship For You?

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Working for yourself can be very rewarding and, in some cases, highly profitable too.

Starting your own business can offer several advantages over working for someone else.

For a start, it’s a chance to do something that really interests you. And you can often be more flexible with your working hours too.

There are certain personal characteristics – like self-confidence – that are common among most successful entrepreneurs.


Working for yourself won’t be easy, though, and you’re likely to face lots of challenges and difficult decisions along the way – particularly in those early stages.


If you want to see if you’ve got the sort of qualities you’re likely to need, take a look at:

Is Entrepreneurship For You? |



Markets Soar to a Four-Year High

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Wise moves by the head of the European Central Bank sent the benchmark American stock index to a four-year high.

Looks like a  lasting solution to the European debt crisis may be taking shape.

The markets greeted several previous efforts to solve Europe’s economic woes.

Euphoria quickly turned sour.

Investors braced for the latest plan to run into problems.

Many signs that this plan may have staying power.

Read More:


Search Engine Optimization to publicize your new business

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You’ve probably seen the initials SEO and wondered what they meant.


SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimized.”


What this means is that the right amount of keywords in an article, blog or written text will make it show up in the search engine, if that search is performed by an individual.


There are three main search engines on the internet. They are Google, Bing and Yahoo! There are other search engines that are frequently used, such as and even AOL, but they pale in comparison to the big three.


You want your article or website to come up on the first two pages of these search engines; and to make this happen, your article, e-book, website or any other written material must be as specific as possible, giving it a greater chance of being discovered on the internet.


The relationship book, our previous E-book example, should be given a title that will be search engine optimized. A simple book entitled “Divorced?” will not work. If you want to see for yourself, type in divorced on one of the search engines and take a look at the results. How would you rank in this search? Probably at the bottom, it is too vague.


It is not only necessary to have a search engine optimized title, but also a searchable title for people who are looking for the information that you are going to provide.


Your title or headline is the first (and very often the only) thing users will see on the results page, so you need to make the effort to provide a catchy headline or your chances of getting to the first page are zilch


Try to imagine yourself looking for support or advice about life after a bad relationship. What are the likely words they will use to search on the internet for help?


Chances are they might use words like heartbroken, breakup, relationship, divorce, broke up, heartbreak, etc. Remember that not everyone who uses the internet spells well, and most people will put in just a few words to search instead of entire sentences.


They may type “heartbroken broke up” to see what comes up on the search engine. If the name of your book is “Is Your Heart broke long after a Break-Up?” instead of “Divorced!” the chances are very good that you will be on the first pages of the search engines.


You can add some filler words like “a” and “of” and even put a plural on the end without it affecting the search engines.


There are many different varieties to “heartbreak and broke up.” You can use “Heartbreak” or “heartbroken” in your article, as well as “break up, broken up or broke-up.” All three should be included in the article.


Leave as many small words out of your title as you can and keep everything search engine optimized.


Use the words that count. You should be thinking of keywords and the title of the book to be search engine optimize.


Finally, if you are unsure about how to create search engine optimized articles, blogs or even titles, there are online services that you can pay to get it done for you.


Many SEO firms have made a pretty penny doing just that, with much success.


Of course, as a good business practice, make sure that they give you a fair price up front. I recommend that they show you examples of how they have helped others like you who are just starting out on the internet using search engines.


To your success!

Bookmark Services are Crucial for your new business

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Bookmarking sites like, and  can bring you a LOT of traffic. Would you like to get 20,000 and more visitors a day when your listing hits the front page? Who wouldn’t? Getting to the front page of these sites is not as difficult as it seems.


A bookmark is a saved link to a Web page that has been added to a list of saved links. When you are looking at a particular Web site or landing page and want to be able to quickly get back to it later, you can create a bookmark for it.


You can think of your browser as a book filled with millions of Web pages and a few well-placed bookmarks that you have chosen. The list that contains your bookmarks is the “bookmark list” (and sometimes it’s called a “hotlist.”)


However, bookmarking sites flag certain articles that generate mass interest and post the links to the articles on their site. Some bookmarking sites, such as Digg, are also social sites as well.


You should bookmark your articles on Digg as well as other bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Reddit and others. These articles should be informational articles that are also posted on the article writing websites such as Ezine Articles or Yahoo! Voice. This is yet another way to gain more attention in the search engines and get more notice for your product.


Bookmarking is easy to do.


It is yet another free service on the internet and can spread word of you and your product virally. You want to sign up for as many bookmarking sites as you can so that your articles cover as much of the internet as possible.


Bookmarks are one of the easiest ways to get your articles and your information noticed. They spread your name throughout the internet.


On some sites, such as Yahoo! Voice, you can automatically bookmark your articles once they are published to dozens of different sites, links of which are provided.


Sites like Yahoo! Voice depend on you to generate your own traffic to your articles. While getting them picked up in the search engines is the best way to generate interest, bookmarks come in second. And the best part about bookmarking your articles is that this method is entirely free.


You can also make more than one account on the bookmarking site and tag your own articles. The more tags, hits or digs your articles get, the more distinction it gets on the bookmarking sites.


When you dig and tag other people’s articles, they will do the same for you.


Bookmarking takes only a few minutes of your time and is well worth the effort.


Remember that any articles that you submit to any informational sites such as Ezine Articles or news sites should be bookmarked. You want to keep your name out there so that you get maximum exposure on the internet.

Social Networking is Crucial for a new business

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People are so starved for companionship that they not only begin talking to strangers on the internet, they hook up with them and sometimes get married.


More and more people look to the internet for more than just information – it is their social outlet. For some, it is their only social outlet. I don’t want it to be your only one.


MySpace, one of the first social networking websites, began as a place for young people to hang out and meet other young people. It has now become a multimillion dollar business, and the model for the ultimate social networking website, Facebook.


Online social business is booming on the internet. Some are strictly for socializing while others are special interest websites. There are websites for business opportunity seekers and those who have an opinion of current events, as well as those who like, well, let’s just say these sites are for the more amorous adventure seekers.


There is a social networking site for every interest in the world. You’ll want to find and use a social networking site that would be good to promote your business or product.


You don’t want to go on a language site where the people will be busy trying to get you to teach them your native language instead of buying your book; unless, of course, your book is about learning a new language.


Let’s again use the relationship E-book as an example. You would want to go to sites where single people hang out to meet one another. MySpace is one. MeetUp is another.


There are many, many more. There are even free dating sites with forums, such as eHarmony. You can use these sites to create a buzz for your e-book. The trick is to not let them know that you are doing this.


Using a social networking site for marketing is usually against the terms of service for the site. You don’t want to get kicked off by going on these sites and spamming the members. Spamming is when you offer unsolicited e-mails or advertisements in forums and to individuals.


Instead of constantly getting kicked off these social sites for shamelessly promoting your book, you can work your way around this.


The first thing you want to do, however, is to create an attractive page that will showcase your product. Because you aren’t allowed to advertise your product on any social networking sites, you will have to create a page that showcases your product. You don’t mention the book, but have a link to your landing page in your profile.


You can also create a blog related to your product and link to it on some sites. While it is expressly forbidden to overtly advertise your product on the site, you can use the site to drive traffic to your landing page in an effective manner.


While you can post links in most forums, shameless self promotion will not earn you a good reputation on social networking sites.


Spam is a pretty big business, despite the fact that we shun it. People wouldn’t still be using spam if it wasn’t for the fact that it works.


Every now and then, after you had posted good, informative content you can add a link in the forums to generate interest in your product.


I’ll discuss using blogs to dominate the web in the next issue.


Make sure that you use your social page to the fullest advantage and be sure to talk about your expertise in the field of your topic.


Spoiler Alert:

Although this is frowned upon, it is not illegal. You can create as many personas as you want on the social network sites.


Many people do not post photos of themselves but avatars or some fake photo of someone else that they got off a dating or business site, you can create as many identities as you like on the social networking sites.


With these identities you all can get together in a forum and discuss the really hot e-book that you recently read. They can create quite a stir on the forums as they continue to discuss your book. You will not be in the group discussion.


It is also helpful that they do not all “live” in the same town or sign up for the site on the same day.


People in the forums tend to join in on a thread where there is an active discussion. If, for example, you are discussing the E-book on relationships, your split personalities will be discussing dating after divorce and happen to mention the book. One of them can discuss that they read it, loved it, and others can join in the discussion.


They can critique the book, but talk about other things as well. The thread will remain active.


Is this devious? Yes. Is this done all the time? Yes. It is called “creating a buzz.” And it’s nothing new, either.


The internet just made it a bit easier to promote things. Years ago, it took lots of money and even more outlandish behavior to promote films and books so that the public would buy them.


You can’t rely solely on this method to create a buzz, though, but it can be one way to dominate the web.


If you really want to make an impact, you can have some people join the fun at other social networking sites. You want to be sure that you post different comments. I’ve heard that there are people who go from forum to forum on the internet investigating this tactic.


If done correctly, however, you can create a stir on Twitter or any other social networking site.


If you think that this way of promotion is a little too sneaky for you, ask yourself if you would rather be chatting with strangers on a forum or using the forum to make money?


Anyone who wants to market their product on the internet should consider using social forums, because they are so popular with the public. The trick is not to be obvious about using them for this purpose.


If you can meet as many potential customers as you can, then using these sites wisely will add to the success of your product being sold.

Make a Video to promote your new business

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More and more websites are using video. News sites that used to have all text media now have about half video media.


The use of video has grown with the popularity of You Tube and other similar sites that displays videos. Ranging from amateur videos to videos from professional musicians, making a video is an asset for any business.


Low cost digital camcorders can make anyone to be a video star in a matter of minutes.


Filming your own product commercial to upload and post on You Tube for free is an excellent way to promote your business.


People regularly check You Tube looking for new and exciting videos. If you can make your video stand out by being on the cutting edge of parody, then do it.


Your video posted on You Tube will be among millions of others, it is a very competitive field. You’ll be competing with all of the amateur directors and producers that are out there trying to promote their business or just doing it for fun. And there are many.


From a business standpoint, you want your video to stand out, but you don’t want it to detract from the integrity of your product. Envision a remarkable commercial that will become even more memorable than the more expensive television commercials.

This should be done in good taste. Remember to not be a controversial video that will detract from your business message, which is to go to your website and buy your product.


Create a profile on You Tube and link to your website. It’s no different than other sites that allow you to write an article for free. Learning how to use this site will greatly benefit your business.


Chat with other members in the forums. Make “friends” and steer them to your website. Use this site to generate publicity for your E-book. Direct as many people as you can to the video from other social sites.


Constantly sell when you are on the site. Use the opportunity to make connections, and develop relationships with like minded people who may have something to offer you to make your business grow.


Some of the biggest business deals are made in relaxed environments where people are having fun.


In addition to posting a video on You Tube to drive traffic to your site, you can insert one directly on your website to make it more interesting.


While a landing page is just basically a sales letter, a website will offer you enough space to add in a video.


Using video on your website can be a good way to get someone to keep coming back or even getting others to view the website.


Keep that ‘buzz’ going! Make that video memorable. When someone does a search on your E-book or name, they will see hundreds of different articles and videos relating to you. You will then become well known and on your way to dominating the web.

Use Free Web Publishing Sites to Start your Business

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There are hundreds of free publishing sites on the internet that can be used to publish informational articles. The articles will have to be completely informational, not sales pitches.


Two popular sites are Associated Content and Ezine Articles. Both of these sites give you free options to publish articles that relate to your E-book.


You can’t use the title of your E-book in your article or use a link to it, but by using these sites you:


  • Establish yourself as an expert in your field.
  • Have a profile where your website or landing page can be accessed if someone is interested in learning more about you.
  • Create an interest in your topic.


Establishing Yourself as an Expert

Establishing yourself as an expert in your field is vital to getting people to trust you and buy from you. After all, if you are not a proven expert, how can you tell other people to do something or live their lives a certain way?


A proven expert in the cooking field can be anyone who has ever baked. Anyone who is over the age of 15 has probably baked and burned a few cupcakes before. They have probably progressed. They can give advice. In the divorce book example, unless you have always lived a celibate life, you can probably give a few tips on how to move on after a bad relationship.


Keep in mind that the tips you give will be taken seriously by people so the objective is to help them overcome feelings of inadequacy.


You may be wondering how to establish yourself as an expert. Simply say that you are. People rarely question the written word. By proclaiming yourself an expert, you are an expert.


The written word is powerful. If you tell the world that you are an expert on relationships or cooking, you are an expert, but you must back it up with demonstrated skills.


Writing a book giving legal advice without being an attorney, may land you in jail for practicing law without a license.


If you write a book on how to operate an aircraft without having ever flown in an airplane, expect trouble from the FAA or other authorities.


But relationships; cooking; weight loss; personal growth; copywriting; who’s to say that you are not an expert? Chances are that you are just as much of an expert as those who proclaim to be on these same subjects. They are just better at marketing.


Write about what you know. Hire a ghostwriter, if necessary, to write your E-book on a subject that he or she knows.


Before you attempt to sell anything make sure the advice in the book is sound. When you write several articles as a ‘relationship expert,” for example, you will create a buzz about your topic as well as yourself. People will tend to know you as such.


They might even start following all of your articles that you have on Ezine or Associated Content to get advice. Some may start writing to you asking for advice.


You can then direct these people to your web page so they can purchase your E-book, which will give them the information they need. After all they have been reading your articles and, you’re an expert, they’ll be more than happy to purchase your book.


After extensive research, and writing, you can establish a career as a relationship consultant by publishing many E-books and articles. Soon your advice will be sought out by those who want to know more.


You can even write a print book use your past experience in the world of e-publishing to sell a print publisher on your book.


Use Your Profile

Make sure that you create a profile on free informational sites. Your profile should also have a link to your webpage. You want to make sure that you appear professional and, above all, an expert in your field.


Use your profile to advance your business. If you want to socialize on the site, start another profile under a different name. Try to remain focused on why you are on the site, which is to further your business.


Use the forums on the site to generate interest from the other members of the site who are looking for friends. Make sure that you invite them all to read your articles and give their opinion. Make “friends” so that you look like you have a large following. Again, remember your purpose for being on the site.


The purpose for being on the site should always be to promote your business. If you feel compelled to socialize on the internet, do it on another site. Keep your personal and business profile separate.


Create an interest in your topic

By writing remarkable articles, you are promoting an interest in your topic. Use keywords that will be top in the search engines. Don’t overload the search engines with keywords, they tend to bounce back.


Write a 300-word article and use the keywords about 3 to 4 times. This will make your article rise in the search engines. Keywords should be something that someone would normally type into a search bar.


Something like “divorce tips” or “breakup advice” or “moving on” or “life after divorce” may work well. You may want to put an “a” or a “the” in the middle of the keywords so that the article makes sense.


Remember that people can’t spell very well, either.


Using keywords in the correct manner and specific to your E-book topic, can guarantee being on the first or second page of the search engines.


So with the free article websites’ publicity and your subject matter, you are now on your way to dominating the web with your material. Discovering how keywords can be used to manipulate the search engines, you can continue to draw people to your website and sell them your products.