Hope for the failed entrepreneur.

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Are you a failed entrepreneur? With the economy being the way that it is today, there is no wonder that some small business owners close up shop and start looking for employment. When you’ve worked for yourself for a long time, how hard is it to start to work for someone else? Even though your business may have failed, your bills still need to be […]

Is Entrepreneurship For You?

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Working for yourself can be very rewarding and, in some cases, highly profitable too. Starting your own business can offer several advantages over working for someone else. For a start, it’s a chance to do something that really interests you. And you can often be more flexible with your working hours too. There are certain personal characteristics – like self-confidence – that are common among […]

Markets Soar to a Four-Year High

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Wise moves by the head of the European Central Bank sent the benchmark American stock index to a four-year high. Looks like a  lasting solution to the European debt crisis may be taking shape. The markets greeted several previous efforts to solve Europe’s economic woes. Euphoria quickly turned sour. Investors braced for the latest plan to run into problems. Many signs that this plan may […]

Search Engine Optimization to publicize your new business

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You’ve probably seen the initials SEO and wondered what they meant.   SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimized.”   What this means is that the right amount of keywords in an article, blog or written text will make it show up in the search engine, if that search is performed by an individual.   There are three main search engines on the internet. They are […]

Bookmark Services are Crucial for your new business

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Bookmarking sites like digg.com, reddit.com, and stumbleupon.com  can bring you a LOT of traffic. Would you like to get 20,000 and more visitors a day when your listing hits the front page? Who wouldn’t? Getting to the front page of these sites is not as difficult as it seems.   A bookmark is a saved link to a Web page that has been added to a list of saved links. When […]

Social Networking is Crucial for a new business

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People are so starved for companionship that they not only begin talking to strangers on the internet, they hook up with them and sometimes get married.   More and more people look to the internet for more than just information – it is their social outlet. For some, it is their only social outlet. I don’t want it to be your only one.   MySpace, […]

Make a Video to promote your new business

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More and more websites are using video. News sites that used to have all text media now have about half video media.   The use of video has grown with the popularity of You Tube and other similar sites that displays videos. Ranging from amateur videos to videos from professional musicians, making a video is an asset for any business.   Low cost digital camcorders […]

Write an E-book and start a business

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An electronic book can be sent to someone at a moment’s notice. One thing that makes E-books so popular as well as easy products to sell on the internet is the fact that they are instant information. Much of the information contained in an E-book can be found if searched for hours on the internet. But who has the time to search?   People want […]

Use Free Web Publishing Sites to Start your Business

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There are hundreds of free publishing sites on the internet that can be used to publish informational articles. The articles will have to be completely informational, not sales pitches.   Two popular sites are Associated Content and Ezine Articles. Both of these sites give you free options to publish articles that relate to your E-book.   You can’t use the title of your E-book in […]

What is A Landing Page or Squeeze Page?

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In order to get people to buy your book or product, they need a place to go to order it. You can have a website or a web page.   A webpage usually consists of a sales letter only and exists only to make a sale; whether it’s a product or E-book. This will be what is known as your “landing page,” or squeeze page. […]